Februar 28, 2011

Carnival Monday

Due to the "Carnival Monday" in the Rhineland the Madeira Drive is closed on Monday, the 7th.

Februar 26, 2011

Pace / Blue Highway Limited Edition

We are proud to announce that we were able to get some of the last limited Pace / Blue Highway raw denim jackets. 
We believe these are the only ones which are for sale in Germany at the moment.

This special limited edition collection, Pace cooperating with the denim nerds and bloggers Blue highway.
Blue highway made by hand two samples for Pace: one jeans and one jacket. They gave them the task to make this collection with our grandpa as inspiration. Their grand father left Sweden early 1900. Grand pa Erik and his brother lived in the Us for a couple of years digging gold in telluride in Colorado.
Blue highway Hampus and Douglas designed the jeans and jacket as if Pace was founded in 1890. That year the patent for rivets was over and all the jeans brand were allowed to use rivets to fasten for ex. Pockets. At that time jeans brand were used to fasten pockets and other with seams in a smart way, therefore Pace collection is both made with rivets and other ways of fasten for an example the cinch back.
Other time typical details is on the jacket: one pocket, watch pocket, rivet mounted, plated front, cinch back lined with linen , 29” inch vintage loom fabric (Japanese), donut buttons. The jeans has also only one back pocket and a chinse. 
The products will come in a special denim bag and they will be numbered by hand of Douglas and Hampus (jacket 1-84)

Februar 02, 2011

DICE #36

Dice magazine # 36 is now on stock:

also available are issues # 32, 33, 34 - each 9,95 €