Mai 18, 2014

Rusty Diamonds

Rusty Diamonds, A Kraftrad Journey by Uwe Ehinger, ca. 240 Seiten, mehr als 250 farbige und s/w Fotografien, Hardcover, 78 Euro, ISBN 978-3-00-045567-4

Mai 13, 2014


We are deeply sorry to announce that Madeira Drive will not be part of this year's KKF.
For unknown reasons we have not been invited to this year's event. Although we have been part of the event for the last years (and we enjoined it) we received no explanation for the exclusion by the organizer of the KKF.
We suppose that it`s an reaction to our criticism on last year's show in Herten, which we considered as too commercialized.
We know that business always becomes a part of any lifestyle, but we believe that there should be a balance between business and passion and fun.
We are NOT only in it for the money........