Dezember 24, 2012

We wish "Merry Christmas" to all our customers and true friends.
Thanx a lot for supporting the Madeira Drive in 2012.

November 25, 2012


Official Statement from the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum:
Comrades at arms!
It is been overwhelming, we’re blown away by the enormous support we’ve had the last 24 hours. Never before in my whole history as a tattoo artist I’ve come across such an enormous exposition of positive energy. Reactions worldwide, tweets and retweets, pictures on Instagram, posts on Facebook, etc. It’s a tough fight, but we’re in to win this.
Again today we were denied access to our museum. Locks have been changed, negotiations with the police to get personal matters like tattoo machines were necessary. A tidal wave of local and national press were served all day. Negotiations with landlords, lawyers and businessmen took place. Do not despair my friend. We will fight this with success. Stay tuned!
P.S. Lawsuit is about 1.5 million Euros and has no ground at all. Come see us on December 8th. Help us fight for our art, fight for our history, fight for our future, fight for our museum!
How can you help us?
- First of all, keep spreading the word!
- Make a donation on PayPal, big or small at
- Make a tattoo for the museum, donate, take a picture and participate in the 1000 tattoos for the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum competition
- Sing a song on YouTube
- Make a “Save The ATM” t-shirt
- Bake cookies
- Throw a party
- Become a member of the Blue Bone Society
- Put us in your will
- Sell your body
- Throw us a gig
- Rob a bank
- Organize an auction
- Participate in the December 2nd worldwide Tattoos for History day in participation with
Keep up the fight!
Yours truly, Hanky Panky, Louise, Annemarie & Tessa…

Hells Angels of Berdoo `65

by Bill Ray

we`ll be there...for sure....

November 11, 2012

Selling for a friend:

77 FLH in good, everyday-grade condition with the usual wear. Entries: Exhaust system 2-2,Stahlflex front. Renewed lateral indicator (still not registered) were last: controller, dual fire ignition, main harness wiring harness. The kick has been retrofitted. Exact milage is not known, since 2009 imported from the United States. Selling on behalf of friend

 Sold !

Oktober 18, 2012

New arrival:

Stetson Modesto Pork Pie

New arrivals:
Thorogood Moc Toe 6" , Two Tone Roofer, Lace-to-toe Roofer

N 1 Deck Jacket

New arrival:

Pike Brothers 1944 N1-Deck Jacket

Die N-1 Deck-Jacke wurde ab 1943 an die Schiffsbesatzungen der U.S. Navy ausgegeben. Von den Stränden der Normandie bis zu den pazifischen Inseln war diese Jacke im Einsatz und entwickelte si

ch im Laufe der Zeit zu der beliebtesten Jacke der amerikanischen Streitkräfte.
Das authentische Design besteht aus einem dicht gewebten "Jungle Cloth" Außenstoff, der mit einem gewebten Wollfutter kombiniert wird. So entsteht eine Jacke, die den Träger vor Wind und Kälte schützt.
Die Pike Brothers N-1 weist alle Details des legendären Originals auf.

Oktober 10, 2012

The Fastest Place on Earth in Bildern.

Vernissage 02.11.2012 /19 Uhr

Bonneville, the fastest place on earth. Heiss, gleißende Sonne, kein natürlicher Schattenplatz, kein Tier und keine Pflanze weit und breit. Unter aggressivsten Umweltbedingungen schaffen die Teams gemeinsam Unglaubliches und das alles für den Ruhm der Schnellste in seiner Klasse zu sein. Viele dieser Helden der Bonneville Speedweek sind bereits über 80 Jahre alt und fahren mit einem Lächeln auf der Lippe über 600 km/h.

Alexandra Lier (Speedseekers) ist seit 1999 jedes Jahr vor Ort und zeigt einen kleinen Ausschnitt ihrer Fine Art Bilder, festgehalten auf Metall.

Alexandra Lier (Speedseekers) zeigt Fine Art Fotos aus 12 Jahren Bonneville Speedweek auf Metal produziert.

Ausstellung: 2. November bis 30. November 2012, täglich von 11 bis 19 Uhr
Ausstellungseröffnung: Freitag 2. November2012 um 19 Uhr
Ort: Madeira Drive Gallery, Fischerstraße 3, 40477 Düsseldorf

September 15, 2012

Now in Stock!
Lace-to-toe roofer

Since 1892, Weinbrenner Shoe Company has been a leading manufacturer and pioneering force in the American footwear industry, initiating many of the significant safety and job-fitted design elements that are common today. Thorogood footwear is the most trusted brand in the uniform and work industry. 
As an employee-owned company, Weinbrenner craftsmen work hard to provide hardworking men and women with the best, most comfortable boots and shoes around.

September 09, 2012

RED FANG & special guests 
exclusive Germany show at ESSIGFABRIK, Cologne on 9th of December 2012

September 06, 2012

Yesterday: 1st day on the Düsseldorf Shoe Fair / Design Attack - another wasted day in my life. Awful. 
2 more days left.......

September 04, 2012

The Madeira Drive is closed from Wednesday til Friday due to participation at the Düsseldorf Design Attack.
The shop and the vintage cafe are regulary open on saturday from 11 p.m.

Juli 30, 2012

Sporty Parts II

A friend of mine is selling this nice Fairbanks Magneto  for Sportster. He needs 500 € for this . More parts to come.. If interested, please contact me:

Juli 29, 2012

The Madeira Drive Vintage & Kustom Arts Gallery will soon be open at Fischerstraße 3, 40477 Düsseldorf. Stay tuned for further information.....

Sporty parts for sale

A friend of mine is selling some nice parts for Sportsters. He needs 350 € for this tank. More parts to come.. If interested, please contact me under

Juli 09, 2012

Berlin Wall Ride

Last weekend we went to Berlin to be part of the 1st Berlin Wall Ride and to bring the Ken Nagahara exibition to Berlin. The weather was shitty most of the time but we met old friends and made new ones.
Thanx to the Burg + Schild crew for their kind hosting.

(all pictures stolen from the Burg + Schild blog. Sorry guys)

The Ken Nagahara "Coast to Coast" exibition will be shown at Harry Damson Speed Shop at Simplonstraße 14 in Berlin. Grand opening is next friday.

Juli 05, 2012

The Madeira Drive is closed from Thursday, 5th of July till Sunday, 8th of July. Reopened next monday. See U next week......

Juni 03, 2012

The Madeira Drive will be closed from Thursday 7th of June till Monday 11th of June. We are heading to Bottrop to be part of the 10th anniversary of Bottrop Kustom Kulture. See U there....

März 29, 2012

Anmeldung Motorcycle Magics & More Bikeshow 2012

Die Anmeldungen für die Motorcycle Magics & More Bikeshow im Rahmen der 10th Anniversary Bottrop Kustom Kulture Show 2012 laufen noch! Meldet euch und eure Bikes bitte unter! Bitte vergesst nicht die Daten des Bikes und ein Foto mitzuschicken!

Mehr Infos zur Show: Motorcycle Magics & More 2012
The registration for the Motorcycle Magics & More Bikeshow at the 10th Anniversary Bottrop Kustom Kulture Show 2012 are still running! Register you and your bikes at! Please don´t forget to send specifications and a picture of your motorcycle!
You have a website or a blog all about bikes, Kustom Kulture etc.? Please repost these informations at your page! Thanks!
More informations about the show: Motorcycle Magics & More 2012

März 27, 2012

Ricos shovel

Rico Fodrey is a down to earth dude who is the mecahincal master behind a lot of old iron bombing around the streets of So Cal. From superstars to shitbirds, he treats them all the same and always entertains with his self-deprecating humor and analysis of today's chopper enthusiast. At his small, but tidy shop in Pamona, CA he builds complete bikes and does just about every sort of tune and service a customer needs. He's usally seen riding his ratty ass Honda chop survivor, even though he works on Harleys all day. Maybe that's why? I think it's because it's such a trustworthy old machine and because it freaks out all the period correct choppersnobs who are killing themselves to have the coolest machine this side of Yokohama. When Rico feels like riding the Milwaukee iron, he's usually seen on one of his customers bikes "shaking it down" but he also rides this sweet shovelhead that won first place at the Grand National Roadster Show back in 2005. Years later, the bike still stands up with classic style and subtle touches that never fall out of favor.

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1973 FLH shovel. 80ci. red shift cam, hot rod'd heads
Frame: Stock 1952 HD  
Fork: HD 1952  2 under
Chassis mods: Basically stock 1952 chassis except for rear wheel & disc
Tire/wheel size and style: Ft-18 Dunlop rim - star hub & drum brake. RR-16 dual flange- 49t sprocket & 10" PM disc
Favorite thing about this bike: Runs/rides smooth & reliable anywear & everywear = been through 26 states wth only oil & gas 
Next modification will be: Just switched to Biltwell's Risor, and my bars - thinking of selling it so I can build another rider ?
Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: 1952 tranny wth close ratio gears, BDL belt/Barnett Scorpion clutch- reverse shifting (1 up 3 down) for hot rodding. Foot pegs moved back 11" and about a hundred more subtlle mods 

Any one interested in buying bike is welcome to take it 4 a good (street-Hwy) ride!  

Guaranteed  many BS free miles. Not including normal ware & tare.               
It’ll sell itself.  Easy never fail –cold or hot- starting.
Rides smooth, easy, comfortable, reliable.
Also runs like a raped ape if u feel playful  = 65-85mph on Hwy, for 100s of miles –
4 riding u wont find a better vintage cycle
 *Bike comes with a Photo “build diary” part by part from the start.
Step 1 through fit & various mock up incarnations, raw & rough
100 of pieces restored – customized - repaired.
Chronicles engine parts, through Rebirth.
Great record of everything in bare metal, no surprise’s later!
Boxes of parts going to sand blaster, chrome/polish & powder coat
empty trans/engine cases…  photo history of what would cost
$15,000 + to have a shop build OR gather this blend of vintage parts!

 Also a Documentary Film, with footage of this bike build.
 “choppertowm – choppertown FTV” (from the vault) both DVDs
The  FTV” DVD has lots of footage of this bike build.
Built throughout 2005, its 1st start up & ride was Xmas day 2005.
30 days later it won, 1st place Award/Trophy –vintage motorcycle, at

List of magazines/publications bike has been featured in:
2005 & 06 – Garage Magazine
2006 Hardcore chopper – Japan
2006 Wild magazine – France
2006 Hot bike - USA
2006 freeway magazine – France
2006 & 07 Street Chopper
2006 & 07 Road Course - art books
2007 Cruisin – Japan
2008 Motor Books coffee table book “Cole foster & the Salinas Boys

Currently can see recent Internet spotlight at –
Or my site in bikes section.

               Interested in buying bike – were in Pomona Ca.
                                  909-208-8795 Rico Fodrey