November 29, 2013

Waxed Deck Jacket by PikeBrothers

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1944 N1 Deck Jacket waxed olive

The 1944 N-1 Deck Jacket was issued to all U.S. Navy Personnel during WW2. It saw action from the beaches of Normandy to the Pacific Islands and became one of the most used and most favoured jackets of the U.S. Armed Forces in the 1940s. The general construction of the jacket combined a thick outer layer of “Jungle Cloth” with a wool lining making it wind and water resistant so the wearer stayed warm and comfortable even under the harshest conditions.

With the new waxed quality there is we added a 3-layer wax coating to the Deck Jacket, making it almost water proof. A very nice feel and a great patina over time are the result!

Ghostrider Collection

Now in stock:

Eat Dust - FIT 637-N JACKETS and Vests
LIMITED to 50 pieces each

Quilted red Nylon lining in body and sleeves. -
Limited Eat Dust / The Ghostriders Collection label all hand signed by Nicholas Coleman and NR .
Eat Dust faded copper buttons.
1 front breast pocket with contrast Z-Bar stitch and 2  pockets with tonal Z-Bar stitch.

November 18, 2013

EAT DUST Winter 13

in stock now:
Eat Dust colaboration with Nicolas Coleman - The Ghostriders Edition. Jackets and vests are both limited to 135 pieces.

November 05, 2013

New T-Shirt Design done by: 
Ralf Guttermann 
 Fine Line Tattooing - 40215 Düsseldorf - Corneliusstr.102